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Nowadays, we as builders and Internet consumers are constantly looking for better web experiencies: more funcionality with improved UI and UX without complexity. In this Field our first guess could be use Wordpress in order to take advantage of their flexibility, but definelity can be the wrong choice if your expectactions include Enterprise grade security, scalability and well crafted content architecture.

Since of our begining we have been exploring new technologies and pushing the barrires extending functuionalities out of the box of diverse CMS systems, including Oracle Portal, Sharepoint, Drupal, Ezpublish and Wordpress.  We have worked in enterprise and gubernamental scenarios were security, performance, scalability, and coherent content structures are fundamental.  On this point we for sure can say Drupal is the more balanced CMS of all. 

Here some facts: 

  1. Drupal is mainteined by a great and strong community. 
  2. Drupal has been adopted in large enterprices all over the word at long term fashion
  3. Dupal is made by  geeks for geeks, the amateurs are not too frecuent 
  4. Dupal Is built over the rots of the open source principles, there is nothing secret in the code
  5. You can extended and customize it 100%   
  6. No licences fees

There are some examples of large enterprises that are embracing Drupal for their web experiences

Tesla Motors

University of Yale

Harvard University

Davis University

Stanford University

Texas University

Warner Bros Records

Universal Music

Warner Music

Newzeland Goverment

Transport Dept USA



University of Arizona

Australia Government


Columbia University

Dept of Commerce USA

France Government

General Electric




The Economist


Duke University

USA National Institute of Healt


Human Rigths Watch

City of London

MIT / Computer Science Dpt


New York State Senate

State of New York



Colombian Sites


National Police Department

Alcaldía de Bogotá

Superintendencia de Industria

Ministry of Interior


Revista Shock